Can we have some clarity on the permanent deletion? and 500 errors

Permanent deletion was enabled via command line.

I went to delete a post, waited the minute to permanently delete it. Says deleted and doesnt show as hidden anymore. However it shows in the logs>staff actions>show everything>delete post. So the post is not really permanently deleted if there is a log file with all the information. How does this affect privacy or legal orders to delete information if its retained in logs anyway?

I also went to prior (soft deleted) posts. Found them in thread as hidden. Went to permanently delete them and get a 500 server error when attempting to delete the older post so that doesnt work for now.


This. Would love more action on permanent deletion without being a db wizard.

Our use case is the meme thread absolutely obliterated with just gif replies. We set it to auto delete on timer, which only soft deletes, meaning the attachments remain past grace period since they are still referenced by a post.