Highlight pinned topics better

(Jason Costanza) #1


I run a discourse forum for my cycling team. And I find that pinned topics don’t really stand out much. I naturally find myself looking for some seperation or divider, bold titles on the threads, highlighting… something.

Currently aside from the little pin icon, they look exactly like standard topics which I find a little lack-luster.

Note the top two topics are pinned, but they’re listed just like everything else. I’d love to see simply a good, heavy divider between pinned topics and everything else but I’m open to other ideas. I just feel like right now they blend in to the mix and don’t call attention to themselves at all once they’re “read”.


(Jeff Atwood) #2

You can certainly apply whatever CSS you like to make that so via admin, customize.

(Jason Costanza) #3

Ah ok, i’ll have to do some homework then on CSS because it’s not my strength.

Thanks for the direction :slight_smile:

(Daniela) #4

To highlight pinned topics on the latest page just add in your /admin/customize/themes:

.topic-list-item.pinned {
    background: #ffffc9;

You can of course customize with CSS the pinned topics as you prefer once you know the class to use