Can you build a search that includes the parameter of No Tags?

My example is I’ve been tasked with tagging all threads that meet certain criteria in one of our categories. I want to do a third pass looking for all with no tag currently.


I’m not sure if there is a way to search for no tag in the UX, but in any case, you might be able to create a data explorer query that could identify the topics that meet the criteria and don’t have tags.

Does something like Topics tagged none work for your use case?

You can also find that option in the dropdown at the top

I think searching with #none also works. At least I was able to find 3 untagged topics by me with Search results for '#none @moin' - Discourse Meta

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Sadly, I don’t have access to data explorer or I would use it to do the retroactive tagging.

Thank you.

I’ll try #none on the search and report back.

The pull down I use all the time in the 2 categories where most of the threads are tagged. It doesn’t help in this category.

#none doesn’t appear to work:
My full search is this: MMP #miscellaneous-and-personal-stuff-i-must-share in:title tags:#none

Are there a lot of other tags? You can exclude tags from search with -tags:tag1,tag2,tag3


Very good to know, but that won’t work in this category.

Thank you.

I found in:untagged as a filter in Search tips and tricks 🔎
The search results look quite promising.


That did it, thank you. Perfect.


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