Can you bypass the Activation Email

Using api I created the user with activate true, and it says the user is activated when I look at the user from the admin console

But when try to login as user it says:

You can’t log in yet. We previously sent an activation email to you at . Please follow the instructions in that email to activate your account.

Why do I get that, I was trying to avoid that, can I set something to ignore that.

I want to ignore this as I am simply trying existing users form my old forum to new discourse forum, so its just seems an unneccessary inconvenience to ask them to activate. I totally understand why it would be necessary for a brand new user who had just registered for this forum.

Also Im just creating one user as a test at the moment, but at at some point I will be creating 5000 users, this may wrong and I may need to rerun so I dont really want any emails to be sent out at this point anyway until ready to ‘go live’, can I disable ?

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You might try to deactivate and then activate again. I’ve seen before that creating and activated user with the API doesn’t work.

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Once a user is deactivated, they’ll have to reactivate their account via email. So this would still require an “effort” on their part.

When users from an old forum moved to our current forum, everything was via the invite email and no one complained. Most filled out their profiles except a few. The “hardest” part was getting them to do their profiles/bios. I think it would easier on you to just let your users go through the steps that are already set up - click on email link, set up their account… done. Just remind them they’ll probably have to change their username from the default that Discourse assigns (everything before the @ in their email address).

Here’s how I did it in Feb 2018:


Thanks that worked, it does seem that create user with activate set to true means it doesnt send email but doesnt activate properly either so when you try to login first time it tells you that you have been sent an activate email when you haven, but I may have got this wrong.

But deactivating and then activating lets you login first time without activation, and no email is sent which is what I wanted.

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