Can you earn commisions with affiliate plug ins?

I’m evaluating to include advertising plugins or not. However, I have no idea if I ( as forum owner) can control or earn money on the advertising shown at the site (e.g. Google Adsense, Amazon Associates, etc.)

Yes you can make money with AdSense and other networks supported by the plugin. Affiliate advertising can be done using the House Ads part of the plugin. Notice the ads we’re showing after the last post of topics here on meta. If we were earning commissions from them, we would use affiliate links there.


Also look at Incorporating Amazon OneLink: making affiliated links on global forums much easier

But this requires users or staff sharing Amazon links in posts (or custom banners etc)


Thanks, Neli and Robert. I was someone would say it was possible to earn a bit of commission money and would assume some developers are strategically silent about it so they can sneak in their credentials to earn the commisssion not the site owner who may or may not care.

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I think this is the minority, and afterall, people sneak in Amazon links on YouTube descriptions and YouTube earns nothing from these :wink:

But yes, if you install OneLink javascript code, all Amazon links will be credited to the site owner.