Can you get a message / email for every post?

We are looking to create a help forum with our products but for someone to continuously monitor the forum is challenging. If we had all the messages go to our shared box employees can answer the questions as they arise. Is this something possible? We have not purchased Discourse yet, we are doing our diligence first. This seems to be our main hurdle.

Yes, as an invividual user, you can enable “Mailing List Mode” under you account preferences to be emailed of every new post.

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Thank you for your help.

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If you don’t have people who are going to actually monitor the forum by either keeping a web browser open or visiting several times a day, then sending them email is likely not to change anything. You should solve that problem first.

If you can’t convince your employees to use the forum then no one else will want to use it either.

As an alternative, you can also set up email-in to a group inbox, and pool all of your support queries on the forum rather than in the shared email. That way you can make use of all the swish forum features like read state, whispers, assign, tagging, shared templates, etc, etc, as well as handle anything ‘live’ on the boards themselves. :+1: