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We are about to issue invitations to a large group of new users who subscribe to a product. Discourse access is a new benefit we are launching to current subscribers. My concern is users whom we invite to join a group but cancel the subscription before they accept the invitation. In this situation, the subscription would end but the invitation would still be open (valid for 30 days from send). I want to be able to stop them from joining the group in Discourse, in this situation.

Questions: Can I remove them from a group (using the API) while the invitation is pending? Are they actually in the group while the invite is pending? I assume if I can remove them from the group and they accept the invitation, they just won’t have access to anything.
Is there a way to rescind the invitation via the API?
Any suggestions on handling this situation would be appreciated.

You can do anything from the API that you can do from the UX – Reverse engineer the Discourse API.

Ideally you’d use discourse_connect to connect Discourse to whatever it is that manages your subscriptions, but if that’s not feasible, you can have it update stuff via the API.

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Thanks Jay, that is good to know.

The bigger question still is, how do I negate a pending invite. I see where others have asked this but they never got a direct answer. Anyone know the answer?

On your invites page (https://HOSTNAME/my/invited/pending) next to the invite, click the trash can:

So if you want to do it from the API, you’ll see the reverse engineering link above.

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