Is there a way to rescind all pending invites?


We invited a mass of people a few weeks ago to a discourse instance during a beta test of our product, which has now ended. Yet people continue to trickle in from the invitation only to find that the test is now over. It’s all a bit weird for them.

I’ve yet to find a way to burn / cancel / rescind a bulk invite, and seem to only be able to revoke them one at a time.

Anyone know of a way? TIA for any help.

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Would it be less weird if they followed the invite link only to find that they aren’t invited?

This should delete all of them

./launcher enter app
rails c

You might want to /admin/customize/text the field that says:

with something more friendly like “The test is over. Thanks for your interest.”


Sorry for the delay, things got real whacky.

Well the way I’d hope to do it is to have them see an error like “the beta has now ended, join the active discussions on the live build here [link]” or something, redirecting to a regular account signup. Just some intervention that lets you tell someone the thing they clicked is no longer valid, but they can still “take part” in talks about the game, basically what you suggested in the /admin/customize/text section.

The forum is otherwise open, so we wanted to transition players to the public categories by giving them a graceful transition via their expired invitations to those public boards. Right now it just puts players in a category that’s no longer visible, so a less than ideal first journey for that user.

We’ve not really had much pushback or confusion as it goes, so it turned out to not be a big problem. But I know for next time how to do that - so thank you hugely.


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