Canned Replies Plugin Update

Huge milestone :rocket: @nbianca we are now running this on meta so the rest of the team can provide feedback.

I am really liking the changes and we are almost there:

  • Can you update Discourse Canned Replies (which is wiki) with some new screenshots and instructions. In particular we need to document all the keyboard shortcuts there?

  • Can we confirm you can enter a canned reply using keyboard alone (without involving the mouse at all)
    You’ll need to:

  • If you click on “canned replies” in the options after it is already open, you should close it (it should act as a toggle)

  • The following sequence (found by @eviltrout) leads to a broken canned replies button, you can no longer trigger it:

  1. new topic
  2. options
  3. canned reply
  4. insert canned reply
  5. cancel
  6. new topic
  7. options
  8. canned reply, doesn’t work

Overall this is looking fantastic and works really well! :+1: