Enhancement Request - On Mobile, Canned Reply Search Box Instead of Dropdown

Currently, on desktop, Canned Replies UI has a search box but mobile has a dropdown.

With a large set of canned replies and people who like to help via their mobile devices, the dropdown is hard to deal with relative to the search box.

I’m curious if there’s a particular reason for this difference?
Any reason we shouldn’t work with a plugin developer to add the canned reply search box for mobile?

Desktop canned reply UI search

Mobile canned reply dropdown

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Not a bad idea, but for me I actually prefer the pulldown on mobile because it doesn’t require me to type anything to scroll through and find the canned reply I am looking for. We have quite a few canned replies as well and it’s never been an issue for me.

I see you are using a prefix for organizing your canned replies - care to share about the system you are developing? I am struggling myself with organizing the canned replies to make them easy to find, especially when they are in different languages!


Thanks for the note.

Seems like we’d get the same benefit if, on mobile, we could see all canned replies below the search-box. That is, use the search box, or swipe down and find the canned reply you need.

I was guessing this desktop/mobile difference has some explanation like this.

Right now the prefix is for people’s initials or “faqlink:”. Since TL4 folks can now have access to canned replies, we’re letting everyone create personalized canned replies.

Joe has pointed out the data explorer query;

SELECT * FROM plugin_store_rows
WHERE plugin_name='discourse-canned-replies'

This query includes a “usages” variable. So in a few months we’ll likely cull all these based on actual usage.