Cannot access group profile page with AI plugin


Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'privateMessage')
    at shouldRender (ai-helper-context-menu.js:48:1)
    at plugin-connectors.js:185:1
    at Array.filter (<anonymous>)
    at e.renderedConnectorsFor (plugin-connectors.js:183:1)
    at get connectors [as connectors] (plugin-outlet.js:126:1)
    at Ce (index.js:1251:1)
    at reference.js:175:1
    at reference.js:136:1
    at e.track (validator.js:668:1)
    at f (reference.js:135:1)
    at index.js:5588:1
    at reference.js:136:1
    at e.track (validator.js:668:1)
    at f (reference.js:135:1)
    at index.js:5588:1
    at reference.js:136:1
    at e.track (validator.js:668:1)
    at f (reference.js:135:1)
    at reference.js:312:1
    at reference.js:136:1
    at e.track (validator.js:668:1)
    at f (reference.js:135:1)
    at Object.evaluate (runtime.js:3440:1)
    at Object.evaluate (runtime.js:1052:1)
    at Mt.evaluateSyscall (runtime.js:4263:1)
    at Mt.evaluateInner (runtime.js:4234:1)
    at Mt.evaluateOuter (runtime.js:4227:1)
    at (runtime.js:5058:1)
    at Wt._execute (runtime.js:5045:1)
    at Wt.execute (runtime.js:5038:1)
    at zt.handleException (runtime.js:4372:1)
    at Ut.handleException (runtime.js:4580:1)
    at Ft.throw (runtime.js:4319:1)
    at qe.evaluate (runtime.js:2091:1)
    at Ft._execute (runtime.js:4306:1)
    at Ft.execute (runtime.js:4291:1)
    at Kt.rerender (runtime.js:4606:1)
    at wr.render (index.js:6751:1)
    at index.js:7013:1
    at It (runtime.js:4139:1)
    at Tr._renderRoots (index.js:6996:1)
    at Tr._renderRootsTransaction (index.js:7039:1)
    at Tr._revalidate (index.js:7072:1)
    at p.invoke (queue.ts:201:14)
    at p.flush (queue.ts:98:13)
    at h.flush (deferred-action-queues.ts:75:19)
    at q._end (index.ts:616:32)
    at _boundAutorunEnd (index.ts:257:12)

Actually, a bunch of pages won’t load. I was going to call this a :bug: but maybe I’m still doing something silly.

We deployed an experimental new UI here and it has some bugs, a fix is cooking.


This was on my self-hosted site.

Oh if you updated DiscourseAI in the last hours you will have it too.

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That’s a huge relief. Something about “here” made me think that it was a meta-only deployment and then I was concerned that I had some other problem. I guess I’ll watch GitHub - discourse/discourse-ai. Now that you’ve solved my database problem I’m excited to get started!

EDIT: I watched: A commit that looked like the one got added. I installed it again. At first glance, it seems to work!


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