Cannot build on arm, Zlib::BufError during assets:precompile

I don’t think it was subscriptions. I removed subscriptions and it still worked. Then I commented out the maxmind key and ID and it worked. So it looks to me like something is still broken with Maxmind. It just doesn’t make any sense that a problem with Maxmind causes the whole build to fail. I’ll try to do a bit more work to see what it issue is, but just making it so that an error with Maxmind isn’t a show stopper.

My idle guess at this point is that you can have spurious errors like a network issue, their servers overloaded, rate limiting, or whatever and that sends back garbage which then doesn’t unzip (since it’s not a zip file).

This Maxmind code just got reworked for the ID/Key pair. I’m disappointed that this “maxmind causes a build to fail” error was preserved. (Or so it seems).