Changing Color Palette - Light (default)

I was wondering how I can change the Light (default) Color Palette as it is not listed in the Customize/Colors Section … although changing in CSS works - I found out that it is not recommendable as then the colors does not switch when changing to dark theme. so only after some research here on meta I found the “preferred” way

Maybe it is an option to include changing the default colors in the admin area - if not I am documenting it here for others who might just want to change one or two colors from default.

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Can’t you just hit “New” colour scheme and it will allow you to select “Light” as base?



Then edit the colours and change the Theme association, done?


Yes, that s exactely what I have done - but it occured to me only through the above mentioned post : )

because i did not want to have a new color palette but change a couple of colours in default : )

That’s exactly what my solution does.

Copies the default, then allows you to edit them.

It makes sense not to change the default itself.

Yes, it was just to document it - in case others are looking for the same issue

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Yeah, it’s not 100% intuitive so worth highlighting :+1:

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