Cannot create single-choice poll using the GUI editor

I’m sorry if I’m missing something and this isn’t bug. I’m using 1.8.0.beta8 and when I click the gear icon to create a single-choice poll I see this:

It doesn’t let me click on “Insert poll” (checking show who voted makes no differentce).

I can however create a poll manually by typing it in as:

[poll name=bla]
- Foo bar
- Bar foo

It is reproducible (by me in Firefox) here. But if I change the poll type to Multiple Choice, it’s okay to insert, and then I can change it back and it’s okay to insert.

[poll max=2]
*  Enter one poll option per line 
*  Enter at least 2 options

But the poll inserted is not a single choice poll…

Indeed I should have also specified that if I choose “multiple choice” then it works (Chrome)

I was looking for a work-around and found that uncovered a different bug…

This occurred for myself after testing the bug fix to the ranged number issue. It would seem that the value that appears in the type field isn’t truly set, if you change the type and then change it back again it sets it properly.

A little like having a Please Select option, with no valid value, but with the wrong name in this case.

This is fixed on latest, thanks for the report.


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