Poll won't work?

When I build a poll, and press the settings button to have more options like allowing me to see who voted, it doesn’t let me, and says this instead.

What am I doing wrong?
As you can see there’s plenty of options and they show up normally in the preview

Your poll options look good :thinking: And I just tested it in my site and the feature is working correctly.

What happens if you try to create the poll manually using markdown?

For example:

[poll type=multiple results=always min=1 max=3 public=true chartType=bar groups=Discourse,Test]
# My amazing multi choice poll
* Option1
* Option 2
* Option 3

More options here: How to Create Polls


The “Poll must have different options” error message is displayed if you have added the same option twice in a poll. For example, if your poll had two entries for “Great friend”, the error message would be displayed.


yeah, this was it, thank you :slight_smile:
I pasted the same option without realizing


The reason I knew the answer is because I recently helped someone with a similar issue. In that case, we were both confused by the meaning of the error message. I wonder if the error message could be improved to make it more obvious what the cause of the issue is?


Yeah, it’d be nice if it said “duplicate option exists” or something.

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