Cannot get back after pressing the monitor button

Starting at screen one here,

We press that button that’s like a computer monitor that I marked with a red arrow.

This brings us to screen two:

Now let’s say we want to go back to screen one.

We press our cell phone’s BACK key. Nothing happens.

Nothing we can try will get us back to screen one.

We eventually give up all hope. And remove the tabs and close our browser and start our browser all over again and navigate back to the site where indeed we can find the draft and we are back and screen one finally but boy that was one big trip.

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it’s the pencil icon button in the bottom right corner. it means editor.


Well I guess it’s all my fault for not finding out what the button was supposed to do before just pressing it.

But okay I long pressed that monitor button but then I just got the browsers right click menu.

So I conclude that all first time users will probably go through the same experience at least once.