Cannot merge first and second post in a topic even though both are written by the same author

If you select the first and the second posts of a topic, no “Join” option appears in the admin wrench menu. Is this a bug?

Please note that both messages are written by the same author.


I’ve noticed this as well at Stonehearth.

I don’t think that is in scope for this feature, as the first post is a bit special.

What makes it special? Doesn’t this feature just merge the posts - in essence automating the process of copying and pasting the content and then deleting all but one post? At the moment, when a user (typically new) posts multiple times in a topic (because they can’t have more than 1 image), we merge all the posts (except the first) and then manually copy and paste the image links and delete the remaining post. Not merging with the first post removes a big use case for us from this feature.

The first post, although a post, is in a real sense also “the topic”.

So this would be like merging a post not into, but with a topic.

I’m having this issue and it’s frustrating.

I have two posts from same author. I moved them to their own, new, topic, and only after the move did I want to merge the two posts.

Guess I will have to try to move them back, merge, then move them to new topic again. Silly.

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Same issue. New user posts new topic and posts a reply instead of editing their original post. I would like to merge the two posts but this isn’t an option for the first two posts in a topic. Please consider allowing the first two posts in a topic to be merged.

Why not just edit the first post in the topic to clean it up on their behalf, then delete the second post?


That works. Thank you.