Cannot move sub-sub-category from UI

If I want to move a topic to a sub-sub category it does not work. moved it now via Commandline, but would really appreciate if you could change sth. on your end.

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AFAIK tertiary categories are only supported with hosted customers, which is why you have you tinker with a hidden setting.

If this bug also affects hosted customers I would expect it will be caught and fixed, but otherwise I wouldn’t expect anything soon.

It’s very rare for a site to need three levels of categories, the answer is nearly always to use tags.

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@corinna can you provide reproduction steps for this? I’m assuming this is from the Category settings modal and you try to move it from one parent to another?


Sorry, I mean moving of a thread (I fixed the headline now). When editing a thread, it only offers moving it to categories and sub-categories, not sub-sub-categories.

@Stephen Unfortunately our forum is one of the rare cases, where tags alone do not work. This is because it should actually be four completely different forums. Since there is a big overlap of users and to reduce administrative effort, we decided to combine them.

If you have shell access to the forum, you can also move a topic to a sub-sub-category using these commands (replace <topic_id> and <to_category_id> with the IDs taken from the address bar of the browser):

cd /var/discourse/
./launcher enter app
rails c
Topic.where(id: <topic_id>).update_all(category_id: <to_category_id>)
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