Category, subcategory and edit errors

I once had a category P where I created a protected subcategory within.
Everything worked until here.

Now I got fancy, created a new top category for my projects and moved the other existing top categories one by one below that new project category. That worked until I came to the category mentioned above. I got an error which says can’t move subcategories below categories or so. I thought that is just a no-go and everything is fine.

But now I can see it did move that category too, even if I got that error. But the Edit Category button for that one now triggers a 404 error page.


  • Is only one level of categories supported? Main and child?
  • How could I solve this, perhaps via some command line magic stuff? I would like to just move that category back to root.

After a rebuild / restart of the site that error is gone.
It seems that “You cannot move this” did some temporary confusion which is cleaned up after restart.
So far that is fine for me. consider it auto solved. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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