Cannot upgrade from Docker Manager (missing gem)

I seem to be unable to use Docker Manager to upgrade my installation. It fails because it can’t find the gem 6to5-source, which according to has been yanked.

This is the log:

$ cd /var/www/discourse && git fetch && git reset --hard HEAD@{upstream}
HEAD is now at a26853c try to work around caching bug in spec
*** Please be patient, next steps might take a while ***
$ bundle install --deployment --without test --without development
Fetching source index from
Could not find 6to5-source-3.3.7 in any of the sources

Also, the manager does not seem to handle this well - my site is unavailable now. It probably should check that all gems are available before bundling, but that’s a different issue.

I managed to download the correct version of the gem from manually, but is there a way to install it so the manager can upgrade?

Thanks in advance

edit: I figured maybe restarting the containers and reloading the upgrader would help, but that was a bad idea. Now the manager tells me everything’s up to date, which it most definitely isn’t.

edit: Can’t reach it at all now, this is the output of ./launcher logs:

ok: run: redis: (pid 30) 78s
ok: run: postgres: (pid 33) 78s
supervisor pid: 567 unicorn pid: 572
Could not find 6to5-source-3.3.7 in any of the sources
Run `bundle install` to install missing gems.
config/unicorn_launcher: line 44: kill: (572) - No such process
config/unicorn_launcher: line 10: kill: (572) - No such process

I’ll look into this ASAP.

I know the 6 to 5 project was renamed to babel but it would be really bad if they just yanked the old gem when projects depend on it.


Okay I’ve just pushed this to master:

You should be able to ./launcher rebuild now.


Will this need to be backported onto beta and stable?

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Bundle complete! 92 Gemfile dependencies, 189 gems now installed.

Thank you so much, also for being so fast! I would assume that beta and stable deployment is still broken though? Not as horrible for me, as my site’s running on master, but I get that that’s not the recommended way :wink:

Anyway, that’s a crappy move to just yank the old gem, and break deployment processes that depend on it.

Yes good call, I will backport it to beta/stable now.

edit: The fix is now in beta and stable branches too.