Cannot upgrade to latest version, disk full


i wanted to update to latest version but it failed
when i do
./launcher rebuild app
the system is asking me to clean space, and retry, then it keeps doing that looping to clean space, and cannot launch

i have vps of 20 gb is this enough ?

/var/lib/docker/overlay2 is 14 GB !!
can i delete some stuff inside ?

i tried docker system prune, it did nothing

when i ls /overlay 2 i got this
19d43f341265aeab22365de27a4dd8b1c4e5ee578c7901b68edf02103c21dbb6 acfc9065c8d50e1ad0ab7be49b774cd14409e23d22e4679e604a1898ffbffea1
26ca303cc9a5d3a2520903b39083aa6c44e59f9bad920a89dff8aa39487e8d2b b0ab505b1163d0a7a749e7e31fe64caf8d8c8f489f6d17a8b15ca72a055fc601
3210d77c5f7beb694f86ed40ee711221cea9f3fa0a0e9decb0a4227538bf70d2 c61c99cb191068c612cd7794d38af1d7e09439233e697de57550197778d3c944
3210d77c5f7beb694f86ed40ee711221cea9f3fa0a0e9decb0a4227538bf70d2-init f8941bf25fb2feb9791a96b1b64ca87c4d303d68fc5302df92abb17e41dc34a4
a5022d73051a305135f883c8a4e34ccc5a09c783eef7c9b0d86849015c059b9c l

do i need all this how do i know which one i could delete ?
discourse is offline responding error 500

thanks a lot


Hi dalu! :wave:

Does your app start if you do ./launcher start app?

If it does, you can sort of double-check if it is indeed running with docker ps.

If app is running, then I think you can use ./launcher cleanup which will remove unused images and may free some space.

Of course, always have a backup somewhere in case something goes wrong :slight_smile:


salut coin coin :wink:

i just did a launcher cleanup
Total reclaimed space: 3.318GB

but when i do ./launcher start app
it redownloads the image.
it downloads 2 images, discourse
but it keeps repeating
Would you like to attempt to recover space by cleaning docker images and containers in the system? (y/N)y
and redownloading images
maybe i’ll try to delete backups, not all :wink:

Salut :smiley_cat:

If your backups take space, you could store them elsewhere while you’re trying to free some additional space.

You could also increase your disk size if it’s allowed by your hosting service.

Which company do you rent your server at? Digital Ocean?

As for the loop you’re describing, I don’t know about it, my technical knowledge is limited. :confused:

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There was some good discussion in this recent topic that may be of use?


an also here
didn’t find earlier sorry


OVH :slight_smile:
de toute facon c’est pas assez visiblement 20gb…

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I’m not a fan of OVH, though I rent them my main VPS.
I mostly use Hetzner for my other forums or temporary stuff, it’s billed per hour (OVH is per month).

If you struggle, I would recommend upgrading (maybe resetting it to start fresh) your server or creating a new one, then installing Discourse and restoring your backup. It’s often faster than spending time trying to fix some issue.


thanks !

i upgraded my vps to 40 gb instantly ! waou, i don’t use much vps only dedicated servers, it’s fast
rebuilding app now

ps: wondering why ovh has such bad reputation sometimes. i’ll check what Hetzner is, didn’t know before

thanks a lot all :slight_smile:


I also often heard that OVH has a bad reputation. I’ve been using them for a long time.
Their dashboard is wonky and slow, and their price might be a bit higher than other companies, but I didn’t encounter any particular issue with them, except one time when I was unable to renew my Plesk license (they’re a reseller). It took many messages back and forth to finally have them recognize that the issue was on their end.

I like Hetzner because their interface is intuitive, they’re not expensive even though they increased their price by about 10% recently and they bill per hour.

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Depending on your vps host you maybe able to increase your server size package.

Also if you have a lot of backuos in discourse consider deleting older ones that are no longer needed. You can also download your backups off site to local storage as well… However likely best to keep most recent backup on the server.

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