Can't build Discourse on Ubuntu 20.10

Hello everyone! When I build the app (./launcher rebuild app), it sort of works and then it fails.

You can take a look at the log which includes the last 45 lines of my Terminal (and some messages that stand out).

I am running this on an Ubuntu 20.10 machine with a wireless network adapter. It does actually mention something about WiFi connection lost but when I sit through the whole process, I don’t see any errors from Ubuntu itself about anything Wi-Fi related!

This happens every time I rebuild. I can’t find that yarn error log either, there is no /var/www directory.

Someone PLEASE help! I am literally pulling my hair out.

Note: I can actually manually download that eslint plugin, so I’m quite confused why it can’t download it.

Don’t use Ubuntu 20.10. If you use non-LTS releases, you have to be someone who loves to upgrade OS’s at least once a year. I have been that person, but I am not now.

And if you’re trying to run a standard install over a wifi connection, welll, that doesn’t seem like a good idea either.

But connect EHOSTUNREACH suggests that you have a networking problem. I was able to download the file mentioned there, so it woudl appear that you’re trying to get a file that exists.

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How do I make a development install then? I used the official Discourse tutorial which made me do that so called “standard install”.

What are you trying to do? Do you want to develop plugins or do you want to use Discourse?

Here are some things you can find if you search “development #howto”:
Beginners Guide to Install Discourse for Development using Docker and Beginners Guide to Install Discourse on Ubuntu for Development

Ohhh! I just want to play around with Discourse, and I just realised I did follow the Guide for Development but I kept getting Bundler issues so I searched up a different tutorial. May I tell you about the Bundler issues?

You can post about the bundler issues in the associated topic. But first, you’ll want to upgrade (or downgrade to 20.04) your OS. It’s likely that you’re not getting something that you need because of that. If you lke being on the bleeding edge, you could try Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish) Beta but it might not work either.

What I think you most want, if you are someone who has access to a credit card and a domain name, is to spin up a digital ocean droplet and do an installation there. You can find a referral link for Digital Ocean on or a bunch of other places.

If you don’t have a credit card and a domain name, then I’d go for the docker development installation. The native-os one is complicated to install, and it’s hard to keep those instructions up-to-date, and your out of date OS probably doesn’t help.

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Ok, I’m going to upgrade to 21.10, and I’ll do the docker installation. If it doesn’t work then I’ll tell you and give you details. Thanks for responding, but keep an eye on this thread because I’ll be done in a couple minutes.

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Sorry, this update is taking longer than I thought!

If you’re doing the docker install you can probably wait to upgrade.

And I know how long an OS upgrade takes. :slight_smile:

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Oh god. Why didn’t you say that before! :open_mouth:

Anyways, thanks for the understanding + help! :smiley:

Update (literally lol): I’m just about to restart!

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It’s really best not to be running an OS beyond end-of-life. I recommend that you upgrade to 22.04 in a couple of weeks and then stay on that for the next 2 to 5 years. :slight_smile:

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Alright, also I’m getting sidetracked right now but I will be trying in a bit.

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Hey man, I’m so sorry but my machine needs fixing. It literally fell off my desk and something inside is making a bad noise when it’s turned on. I’ll take a look inside later this week :grimacing:

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