Discourse Installation

I want to update the Discourse CE with the latest version using Docker. But it installs the older version 2.0 with Docker installation. It would be great if you can guide us with the same.

You’d have to let us know how you installed discourse before I could be able to help.

I have installed with the help of following https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-discourse-on-ubuntu-14-04

And why do not you want to use the standard installation?


It is actually a lot easier. And supported.

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@techapj can we edit the above article to reference current version of Ubuntu?

Warning : This article is out of date and no longer works. Please read the updated Discourse article instead.

Other than that, it looks good and mostly current.


Can you please guide me with docker ?

Take a backup and re-run the docker install line from the official documentation.

Assuming you installed docker correctly the first time docker will be updated rather than installing a duplicate.

I contacted DigitalOcean to get the guide updated.


Followed up here again and now the updated guide is in review queue.