Can't change post ownership to an email address

Every time I attempt to change ownership of an existing PM to an email address not in our system, I get an error rather than a new staged user being created. As I enter the email address, the autocomplete dropdown with the envelope icon option does appear and I do select just as I would with a creating a staged user from a new PM, but in the Change Ownership popup it appears as if this functionality does not work for some reason.

It’s not possible to change ownership to an email address. You need to change ownership to an actual user.

OK, so the issue is not creating a staged user prior to ownership change, it’s doing an ownership change with a staged user at all.

Is this a technical limitation or a design decision about how staged users should function with regard to content ownership? If a staged user can properly own a PM that they initiated themselves via email, then they shouldn’t they be able to own other messages created via other means (if all messages are treated equally)? I suppose the ownership change procedures might not support the staged user case, but if the relative effort was not too high, I would vote for this to become supported.

For context, the use case with our organization is a help desk group with messages submitted to it that are either:

  • Emails forwarded through a non-standard/non-parseable forward format (i.e. an email notification forwarded from a partner’s separate ticketing system), or
  • Emails that come from non-email-based origins (i.e. a tweet or facebook message or typeform notification email)

Being able to change ownership to a staged user (especially a newly staged user) would allow much quicker and simpler fixing of the associated contact (so that we can then immediately begin conversing with them), as well as aligning the functionality of the dropdown in Change Ownership with the dropdown in the PM composer (the autocomplete suggestion with the envelope icon).

Unless I’m missing something, right now the only workaround is to copy and paste the body into the bottom of a new PM sent to their email and then to archive/delete the original forwarded message thread, is that correct?

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