Can't embed SVG link in posts

Our forum is talking about the upgrade from EmojiOne v3.0 to v3.1. For some reason, decided that v3.0 would appear on their website in PNG, so I can link to them in a Discourse post, but v3.1 uses SVG. When I try to paste that into a forum post (so I can do an A/B comparison) it doesn’t work.

For example:

The kiss looks pretty different from v3.0 to v3.1. I can copy and paste the v3.0 URL here and have it show up as a PNG, but not the v3.1 URL.

Is this a bug? I think the forum supports SVG in general, right?

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Sort of, there are a lot of security exploits with SVG so we have heavy restrictions on what SVG commands are allowed. I suggest writing Emoji One and telling them they need to allow PNG linking.