Can't get data from notifications.json (solved)

I’m trying to get the number of notifications via /notifications.json on

I’ve enabled CORS in the app.yml file (also allowed on Discourse > Settings > cors origins).
I’m already using other .json to retrieve other information and it works perfectly ( /latest.json, for example).

Here is my code in PHP, I’m just trying to get one of the objects, to see if I can access to any of the information.

$string_notifications = file_get_contents('');
$json_notifications = json_decode($string_notifications, true);
$notifications_total_number = $json_notifications['total_rows_notifications'];
echo $notifications_total_number;

But it doesn’t work. It doesn’t retrieve anything.
If I go to via the browser it works.

Any ideas why is not working? Am I missing something?


I am SUPER confused here, are you properly using the Discourse API and specifying API keys.

Try going to that page as anonymous in chrome, that is what you are doing.


Thanks for your help, I solved the issue.
As you pointed, there was a problem related to the API keys, I didn’t pass correctly the username value.