Can't navigate back when using urls without post number

I just realized that i can’t go back to the original topic when following a link without post number. To illustrate:

Is this a bug or not possible by design?

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I would say this is an edge case, it was reported before.

Our ember router and discourse server router are in slight disagreement about what to do here.

Relying on slug that is ever changing for routing a topic is super fragile anyway. If we rename “welcome to meta discourse org” to “welcome to meta discourse” this would all break spectacularly anyway.

Don’t remove the topic id if you need stable links is the lesson. The topic id in that case is 1, it is not a post id or number.


Ok, thanks! So if I want internal back and forth to work, I actually need to keep both slug and id? Because using just the id seems not to work:

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Yes please, keep the slug and the id:

For example

That way the link will remain stable. Also this will work but it is not as pretty imo and will cause a redirect.

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Ah ok, so I just need any slug and the right id, as in /t/welcome/1
Thanks for clarifying :ok_hand:

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