Can't scroll tall tables in Mobile Safari composer preview

Hi guys,

I‘ve noticed an issue with the new preview on my iPhone: I can’t scroll up and down (vertically) inside posts with long tables. Just in the horizontal direction. Could someone have a closer look at this, pls?



Can you provide an example link for this? I’m not quite sure what “long tables” are either, please explain.

Oversized Markdown tables that are so long, with more rows than space on screen. It’s impossible to find an area to touch and scroll down. The only direction to scroll is left and right

I can reproduce this in iOS, for some reason overflow-y: auto on the table seems to be preventing the preview from scrolling? trying to figure out a fix


Seems like an iOS bug, after some searching it seems that -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch; fixes it for some reason…


Thank you so much, Kris!

It seems Webkit is covering up a lot of curious edge cases at mobile Safari. It will be interesting what’s happening next with Apple’s new iPad OS (13).

Wish you a nice weekend!

Yeah, IE11 aside we likely have more one-off fixes for mobile Safari than Firefox/Chrome/Edge combined :sweat:


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