Can't scroll through list of user's groups if more than one page

If a user is in more groups than will fit on a page, there’s a bug because the load_more_rows URL doesn’t include the username.

Here’s what in https:/FORUM/groups.json?username=some_user

  1. extras:{type_filters: ["public", "close", "automatic"]}
  2. groups:[{id: 552, automatic: false, name: "group_name_one", user_count: 45, mentionable_level: 0,…},…]
  3. load_more_groups:"/groups?page=1"
  4. total_rows_groups:795

And when you scroll down the page, subsequent page loads pull from all groups, not just the user’s groups.

This is an edge case, because who puts users in so many groups?

But it does seem to be a legit bug.


edge case, very hard to repro, but we should fix.


Would rails commands to create a bunch of groups and add a user to them help?

username is an internal filter that we use though so it isn’t meant to be used on the /groups page.

However, it does seem like the load_more_groups path was missing a couple of params in it which I’ve fixed in

Thank you for reporting @pfaffman :+1:


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