Can't see page views on scrolling in Analytics

First of all thanks for this great piece of software.
We migrated our old forum to Discourse with more then 12M posts and it’s working like a charm. We hope to go live in this week.

One problem:
I’m now testing Analytics and when having Analytics Realtime pageviews opened we see the view coming in when changing topics or refresh. But when scrolling in a large topic nothing is changing in Analytics, the page view keeps the same as when opened the topic.

For us it’s important after scrolling by some posts an extra page view is inserted in Analytics. like …/10 …/20 …/30 etc

Are we doing something wrong? Or do we have to check somewhere else in Analytics? I tried V3 and V4 with the GA universal tracking code option.

Thanks in advance

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Hi, is there someone who can help us with this one?
Or at least confirm it should work after scrolling some posts?

We are on the latest version but we only get a view on refresh/topic switch, not on scroll.
We really need this views to inform potential advertisers.

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Hi Dennis, thank you for the kind words :heart:

This is how it has been since inception, we only report a pageview to GA on the first load of the page. I am pretty sure you’ll want some detail on why and how it works this way, so let me share a topic that details this so you can get the full picture and how it has grown over the years. It may seem like an old topic, but the information shared there in different replies by members of the Discourse team is still valid as far as you read the whole topic till the end to get the details: Why there is huge difference in Pageviews tracking number on discourse admin dahboard and on google analytics - #13 by sam


Thanks Osioke for your feedback. I’ve read the topic.

I couldn’t exactly find why it’s not an option to add a virtual analytics pageview after X posts. It would be a nice add-on for projects migrating from pageable forums to discourse because i assume our pageviews will drop significant when going live this week.

But if someone has a nice hack for this i like to hear it. Till then we have to accept the drop.