Can't see rest of keyboard shortcuts on mobile


I was scrolling on the sidebar and pressed :keyboard: icon as I wasn’t sure what this did. Turns out its the keyboard shortcuts.

However when I press :keyboard: although there is a scrollbar no matter where I slide my finger on screen I can’t move it anywhere. I need to tap my screen again for some reason for it to move around. Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this.

Chrome up to date
Sony Xperia XZ


I can scroll on my Honor 9 (Android 9/Chrome 106.0.5249.79), but not on my Samsung Galaxy A13 (Android 12/Chrome same as before), and also not on my iPhone in Safari.

Though I think there may be a case for not showing the keyboard shortcuts on the mobile version?

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I was going to bring that up but wanted to keep the topic to one point. Since on mobile the shortcuts can’t be used as far as know might as well get rid.

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It did make indeed the most sense to simply remove the keyboard shortcut modal on mobile so that’s what we did =)

Thanks for the report!


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