Mobile view with touch capabilities on laptop

Hi there,

I’m on a laptop with touch capabilities. In the hamburger-menu, I don’t have the “shortcuts” link, because this one is displayed when

return !Discourse.Mobile.mobileView && !this.capabilities.touch;

But what if i’m on a laptop with touch capabilities and I want to display the desktop version, with shortcuts & everything ?


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@zogstrip I thought you had a fix for this … no?

Nope, it was only for the “grippie” on the composer.

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Moving this to feature… I am not sure there is even a way to detect you have a keyboard connected for realz in JavaScript. Relying on user agent here is tricky.

That said, over the next few years I anticipate more and more and more stuff being keyboard + touch.

I wonder if we should unconditionally show keyboard shortcuts link in hamburger if you have a non-mobile device @codinghorror?

That said… easy workaround … hit ?