Can't seem to approve users?

I’m looking to bulk approve users, but am running into issues even approving one user through the UI. The button looks “greyed out” and when I press approve I get an internal server error.

I’m on version 2.5.0.beta3, commit hash 0e4db91870

Inspecting the logs I get

Reviewable::InvalidAction (Can't peform `approve_user` on ReviewableUser) /var/www/discourse/app/models/reviewable.rb:346:in `perform' 

While the log message is clear I’m not sure what the correct user action is for me to approve this user.

Here’s what I get in the firefox console

Here’s what my UI looks like

Once this is resolved I would like to bulk approve users in a manner that they all get the associated emails.
If I do a bulk update as shown below (and in this thread Bulk deleting / mass modifying users) will that ensure they get emails?

If so what would the equivalent command be? (Similar to the one below)

User.joins(:user_stat).where("user_stats.post_count = 0 AND user_stats.topic_count = 0").destroy_all

Thank you in advance for any help!


Continued doing research and I found this thread. However I don’t have anything in my review queue, and the user seems to be activated already

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Another update, if I deactivate the user, then click activate, I can then approve the user. Why is this?

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Last update. In short I had to deactivate each user, activate each user, then approve. I imported from vbulletin 3 so not sure if I put my discourse instance in a bad state.

I wrote a script that hits the api in a loop over all users to do so. It’s running right now but will post here when its done.



Do you have some news about it ?

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Fixed in