Can't seem to figure out how to replace Watched Words

Previously we were using the Auto-Linkify theme component, but now unable to do that as we discontinue use of it.

So now we’re trying to work with the built-in Watched Words feature, and doing a Replace with RegEx.

We’re using Height for our tickets, which are all numbered like T-123 and then the URL just uses that T-123 behind a / to create the link.

The expression (T\-\d*) can successful capture the T-123 example, but I can’t get the $1 to be replaced by it. Ideally it would produce a link that’s like [T-123]( How do I go about this?

This is what I had entered into Watched Words, though I recognize that it wouldn’t actually do the same as before (auto linkify).
CleanShot 2021-10-14 at 16.25.47@2x

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