Can't show new poll results more once for the same option

This bug has been around for months, I just kept forgetting to report it.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create public poll.
  2. Vote in the poll so results are shown. (Or just click “Show results”. I don’t think voting is a prerequisite.)
  3. Have someone else vote in the poll so the arrow appears underneath that poll option. ( image )
  4. Click on the arrow. This causes the new voter to be shown as expected.
  5. Have another person vote for the same option in the poll.
  6. Click the arrow again. This time, nothing happens.

Can’t you refresh the page and have it work fine?

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Yep, that works fine. That’s why I kept forgetting to report it, since there’s such an easy workaround. It’s still a little weird to have the icon show up and not work though.