Polls should automatically switch to results on page load if user has already voted

We have a big poll going on in our Discourse forum and votes will likely keep rolling in for a couple days. After re-checking the thread around 10 times, I started to notice something with the poll. Even though I had already voted, the poll was prompting me to enter my votes again instead of showing me the results.

Chances are, if I’ve already voted on a poll I want to see the results instead of change my vote, so it’s better ux to show the results by default for users who’ve already voted.


Hum… We also need good poll mechanism. Ideal is a poll that count by user and (as likes) show the voters. we not need “secrete voting” but open, transparent and effective voting mechanism… After closed (eg. couple days) all voters are listed with results or optional link to result table.

You can already use the public=true attribute to make a public poll (ie. show the list of voters) :wink:

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@zogstrip, not sure why, but that poll doesn’t look right visually and it doesn’t seem to respond to any interactions with it… Can’t vote, can’t show results.

Refresh your browser, there was a JS error in the discourse-staff-notes plugin I just fixed and deployed :wink:

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Ah, okay. I had done that a few times, just needed to do it once more for good measure :wink: :slight_smile:


They’re not taking about who voted for what.

The report is that when they visit the page again, it shows the vote screen with their vote highlighted instead of the results view.

@Drew_Warwick wasn’t but @krauss was :wink:

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Thanks @zogstrip to the public=true option! Yes, it is important the option for transparency, showing the list of voters!

Another little and important issue is the config-option, to set “public” globally in the plataform… Or, a dream, locally (ex. we need to enforce public only at our local group).

I think this is now fixed in