Can't SSO due to blocked IP addresses

That may be true, but how we are deleting users is being discussed here.

Not sure if this is a separate issue, but I noticed that the Matches column on Screened IPs section shows 0 matches in all entries. I looked at the export of that table and it confirms that all IPs have 0 matches. Yet, every day we are seeing users being blocked by IP address from logging (via SSO).

However, looking at the Screened Emails, most have a match! And, there’s an IP address column in there too… so I thought I had found the culprit, however, none of the IP addresses that are being blocked is listed there either.

This is from minutes ago from our /logs:

Here’s the Screened IPs search;

I also looked into the Screened Emails and neither the IP address or the Email address of the account that just got blocked from signing in are in there.

Any tips on where else to look?