Can't update privacy policy page 502 bad gateway

Hi. I alreade translated privacy-policy page to my language but i can’t save changes. When i press save it thinks too long and ater gives 502 Bad Gateway error. Refreshed page, changed post owner from system to myself but doesn’t help. Any idea?

Somehow figured out - but i think it is not a solution. Bulk removing old texts and adding translated texts doesn’t work, however it is possible replace 3-5 lines with new texts and save… strange

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I have the same problem, when I want to replace whole FAQ/Guidelines document with new content. Was able to publish with your workaround. Thanks, but still hope this get fixed.

@gerhard can you add to your list investigating this?


I can’t reproduce the problem, but I suspect that the diff calculation might cause problems in some circumstances when lots of text is changed.

@Lure Could you take a look at /logs and see if you still can find the error. The full error message and the backtrace would be really helpful.


Gerhard, have found this error repeating 4 times at that day, so this may be it:

Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: #_=_
at Function.t.error (
at t.tokenize (
at (
at Function.t [as find] (
at we.fn.init.find (
at new we.fn.init (
at we (
at e.invoke (
at e.flush (

BTW, I have noticed many errors reported on logs (was not checking this before regularly) - how should I treat them - as bugs and report them here?

Unfortunately that’s an unrelated client side error. Is there anything else in the logs from that date? Try to use the filter to find the errors.

It’s usually good practice to keep an eye on the error log, but unless you noticed a problem during usage and know how to reproduce the problem, posting random errors usually doesn’t help us much. Mind, we always keep an eye on the error logs of our customers and fix bugs we discover that way on a regular basis.

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Interesting, that there is no other error message, as I can reproduce this pretty easily by just replacing old and new text of guidelines on test topic.
Are there any other logs that I should check?

Edit: I am using text from here - I just copy the first Slovenian (non-formated) as-is into editor and save. Then edit and copy English (copy as formated) and save and it fails with 502.

Tried to reproduce it on try. but I could not. It seems it is something in my config, that breaks this… :frowning:

I’m attempting to update my terms of service on my site to this new template:

However, when I save my edit, the status says “saving” for about a minute before prompting me with a 502 error.


This is obviously a rather large post, but I can’t reproduce the issue on any of my other topics. Can anyone think of another clue to figure out what’s causing this? I’d really like to update the TOS :wink:

@keith1 I’m having a hard time reproducing this problem. Do you see a related error in /logs? Or maybe an error in the Javascript console of your browser (press F12)?

Also, since I suspect that this might be performance related: Are you running this on a DigitalOcean droplet? Which kind?


@gerhard for reference, I am running on Hetzner CX11:
1 vCPU

Thanks for the reply @gerhard. Unfortunately, no related errors in /logs or in my browser :frowning: You’re correct, I am running the site on digitalocean on a 4gb/60gb droplet. (Oh woah you just made me realize I can get a free upgrade with their new pricing plan).

I was able to get around the issue by deleting the old terms of service and pressing save - once that submit went through, I was able to edit once again, paste the new TOS in, and successfully save.


I had no luck reproducing the issue on a droplet (1 vCPUs, 2GB). It takes only 65ms.

Are you using any plugins that could slow down the updating so much or are you using a reverse proxy that might cause an issue?


I use following plugins: