Caption with AI button returns error 500 (on Meta)

In the composer, if you have an image and want to

it will result to a 500 error:


I can definitely reproduce this:

console errors:


  1. open composer and post an image
  2. use the caption with AI
  3. returns an error
  4. click OK and empty caption box appears that can be canceled but not saved.

I have the fix bundled in this PR


looks like it’s working on Meta again :slight_smile:

The image displays a screenshot of a social media or messaging app where a user named Sam Saffron, identified as co-founder, mentions that they have included a fix in a pull request (PR) related to the internal design of AI persona and a bug fix on GitHub, which appears to address issues with OpenAI's image description capabilities and mentionable items. (Captioned by AI)

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