Categories bulk edition

It would be nice to have an admin view of all the categories (as a table list) and being able to apply bulk changes.

Maybe a first version would allow to perform these actions only:

  • Delete
  • Colors
  • Parent category
  • Images
  • Template

… as they don’t require as much brain fluid as merging settings or permissions which can be nested.

Or maybe just overwrite everything?

I’d love your feedback on that.


I think this is a good idea, something in a similar vein to bulk selection and editing of topics would save lots of time, since the explorer plug in is read only and running rails commands is discouraged that leaves everyone in the “reverse engineer the API if you don’t want to spend an hour adjusting things” I think.

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Yea and I’d also love the ability to bulk change permissions :relaxed::pray:t2:

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