Categories.json API not returning Lounge and Staff categories

I’m trying to use the categories.json API end point to obtain the categories in my forum. I returns all the top level categories except for Lounge and Staff. My account has access to these categories.

I’m GETing

Is this just how it works, or do I need to specify additional information to get all the categories my Discourse account has access to?

I’m running: v2.2.0.beta2 +115

You should be able to get the Staff and Lounge categories from /categories.json. Make sure the user whose API key you are using has permission to view the Staff and Lounge categories.


Thanks for the response. I’m using my username for the API calls and I’m the site admin. I have access to these categories when I use my site interactively.

Without using the api can you just browse to this page as a logged in user

and see Staff and Lounge? I assume so since

Do they still show up if you visit the .json version from a web browser?

So far I’m unable to replicate your behaviour.

If you do:

curl -I

do you get a 404 response?

Try the same call with your api key/username

curl -I

Do you get still get a 404?

Ohh I see you are trying to do this from iOS Shortcuts:

I think the problem might be that you have put the api_key and api_username in the Headers field.

We don’t read normal api_keys and api_username out of the headers field, so I think your request is showing up as a non-authenticated user.

Are you able to put the api_key and api_username in the URL field?


Thanks, good spotting. I have some AppleScript code that generates the GET URL correctly and that returns all the categories.


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