Category Banners

I’ve added a couple new settings:


This is a great component, but since the latest Discourse update I get this error in my console:

TypeError: i is not a function. (In 'i(e,t,r)', 'i' is undefined)

Discourse warns me with this error:

Your site may not work because a theme / component has errors.
Caused by 'Category Banners'.


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Hi Ben, the component works on the latest Discourse version.

What is your Discourse version?

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Strange. I’m using 3.3.0.beta2-dev

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This is what I want:

This is what I’m getting:

  1. extend banner background color 100%
  2. remove any extra at the arrows

Any tip anyone can share with me?


Hello :wave:

In plugin outlet setting, change to below-site-header. That should do what you want!


I PR’d a small fix that should select the right color in the case where a @username is in the description. Before, it was taking the same color as the main text, making the username practically invisible.


Not exactly.

I want to hide the welcome banner when it is on a category page. Otherwise, when I enable the Welcome Banner to “discovery” instead of “homepage,” I will notice the Welcome Banner and Category Banner simultaneously. Does that make sense?

We have all sorts of odd bugs happening with this component. We cannot seem to nail down that there is no identifiable reason as to when the banner will or will not show up above our categories.

Some will work, some won’t. I’m struggling to even know how to report this because I cannot identify anything different amongst some of our categories.

My coworker informed me that my understanding of what ‘all’ meant as a target was misinformed.

Carry on.

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Did you edit the “About the category” topic of those categories where the banner is missing?


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