Category colours

As problems to have go, this isn’t a big one at all, but it’s driving me nuts nonetheless.

I am trying to change our forum’s categories. I have renamed the existing ones, and need to create a couple more.

When I create a new category the badge colour defualts to this horrible brown colour that looks like something on the bottom of your shoe. There is no option to select or change this while creating the category.

Any ideas?? I know it’s not a big problem, but I don’t want our forum to be overrun with brown.


Yes, the ‘Background Colour’ in the image above is the colour selector for the category. This relates to the colour of this line and to the button / bullet used on the listing

Try selecting one of the available colours. You can also add more colours in the Admin Settings

good luck!

Update: example:


Ahhh you’re a genius, and I’m really silly. Thank you!

I am quite certain that neither of those things is true :wink: