Being able to select category color in category parameters even if "category style = none"

When the general setting “category style” is set to ‘none’, then it is not possible anymore to change the category color in the category settings page. This looks like a very good idea for basic usage as it simplifies the settings.

But the category color is still displayed even though “category style = none”:

  • On the category page
  • If we use the Location plugin and want the map markers to follow the category color

Right now, changing the color there requires changing the general “category style” setting back and forth.

Would it be relevant to add a general boolean setting that shows up only when “category style = none”, re-establishing the ability to tweak category color on the category settings page ?

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I add an other case where category color is visible even when global setting category style=none:
When you have a parent category displaying child category as box, then child category will appear with colored vertical highlight. This colored is fixed and can not be changed.

The only way to change the color is to set the global setting category style=bullet, refresh the page to update, change the category color, revert the global setting category style=none.

I ask again for the possibility to change the color even when none is selected, if not by default, then trough an optional global parameter “add_the_ability_to_change_color_in_category_settings” that would appear in the settings table only when none is selected.