Category Descriptions - Include full HTML from 'about this category' topic

Hi, by default the category descriptions on the home page display the first line of text from the ‘about this category’ topic. Is it possible for these to include the full HTML instead? We’d like to include text and some dot points (li tags) for our category descriptions. Thank you.

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I believe that you can do that. I recommend markdown rather than html.

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How would one go about doing this? Threads are in markdown, but only the first paragraph tag from the rendered HTML is included within the category description. Thanks.

FYI I’ve gotten around this by rewriting the HTML with JS on load, but it’s not ideal as updates to the topic won’t be reflected:

$(".category-list tr[data-category-id='5'] .category-description").html('Lorem Ipsum<ul><li>Bullet 1</li><li>Bullet 2</li></ul>');

I’ve also found another topic with the same question: How to show more than one line of the category description when viewing from parent category

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