Category description does not support links

If the first paragraph of the “about category” post has a link or any markdown, it is displayed as cleartext HTML in the description for the category - see screenshot.

We looked at adding this, but it’s complicated because then you are in the business of whitelisting certain kinds of markup and not others. This is an intentional choice at the moment, nowhere near a bug.

I entered my link in markdown. It renders fine in the category selection menu when I make a new topic, and I can even see the link destination when I mouse over it, but when I go to click on it, all that happens is the category gets selected. Is this feature halfway through being implemented, or is that just like a bug within a bug, like bugception or something…

I dare to bump. I think it would do a lot of good, being able to add links to category descriptions. Owners could point newcomers to important links for example