Category link failed after updating today

  1. The system becomes very slow after updating* this morning.
    The post can display without problem, but the category page loading failed.
    The time counting of loading in admin doesn’t show.

  2. I restore the whole system by VPS daily backup image.

  3. After restoring, discourse shows 502 error.

  4. Putty login and rebuild the app
    PS: I saw a warning message:
    “MaxMind IP database updates require a license
    Please set DISCOURSE_MAXMIND_LICENSE_KEY to one you generated at
    (update) Check the app.yml and found it’s remarked for DISCOURSE_MAXMIND_LICENSE_KEY setting

  5. The “Custom Header Links” display from horizontal change to vertical. Can’t login with correct ID/PW any more.

  1. Restore the system by VPS daily backup image again. And 502 error again…

How can I get out of the loop and make the discourse work again?

Please advice. Many thanks in advance.

*Updating list

Look for errors in /var/discourse/shared/standalone/log/
How long ago was your previous update?
Sometimes themes and theme components break, try following How to use Discourse Safe Mode and see if that helps.


Thanks for advice. Normally I update 2 to 3 times per week.

UPDATE: I did the same process mentioned above for the 3rd times and the problem 5(“Custom Header Links” and login error) won’t happen again. And the admin page loading time appear again as well. Weird, I just repeat the same process for the 3rd time.

However, the category page loading failure still exist.

Sample page: 尚未分類 - StudyCamp 線上學習論壇

Meanwhile, the tag page loading works fine.
Sample page: 主題標籤 會議記錄

Please advice. Many thanks again.

It looks like your page gives a javascript error TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'e[t]') but I’m not sure what causes it.

I would disable all your plugins in app.yml then turn them back on one by one until you find which plugin does it. You should also look at the meta discussion page for each plugin you are using to see if any of them are known to be broken recently.

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Thaks again. Looks like nothing wrong.

Got it. I will try “calendar” and “solved” first since they are what I update today. Thanks again.

Error message(image attached below):

send @
ajax @
window.onerror @
(anonymous) @
(anonymous) @

And when I use the keyword above to search on net, found similar problem in another discourse site:

Thanks for @ssvenn great help.

Some further testing:

  1. Set safe mode then works fine.

  2. Edit app.yml to have Docker manager plugin only and rebuilt the app.
    RESULT: works fine

  3. Edit app.yml to remove onebox plugin* only and rebuilt the app.
    RESULT: works fine
    *The only unofficial plugin I installed

  4. edit app.yml to have all plugins before modification and rebuilt the app.
    RESULT: works fine

Well, finally this issue was gone. But I didn’t do anything, just rebuild the app again and again.

All apps building yesterday failed in category link.

All apps building this morning, Taiwan time, works fine on category link.

I think there are some updating code fix this issue during this period. But I still don’t know why.