Category logo sizes are uncontrolled

I’m opening this as a bug since this should be addressed by discourse as part of the admin settings and not through hacks/custom CSS.

When the desktop category page style is set to sub categories with featured topics, then logos on the sub categories are displayed without any uniformity on the landing page. I could have a small sized logo which upscaled or a large logo which is down scaled and there’s no way to control the aspect ratio or maximum size of the logos. Some are huge where as others are small (irrespective of the actual logo size) for no apparent reason. When once open a category listing the icon sizes are controlled but on the landing page they’re uncontrolled when using the page display setting above.

There are some patches/workarounds provided by the community:

However these aren’t able to solve the problem consistently across the different pages (landing page vs category page).

There should be a better way to handle this, allow the admins’ to specify the maximum size and/or aspect ratio for logos when displayed on the main page or the sub category pages etc. There should be a consistent experience throughout the site irrespective of desktop category page style is selected.

NOTE: This setting affects both mobile and desktop rendering. It would be nice to have a separate view setting for mobile and desktop when the desktop category page style is set to sub categories with featured topics

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