Include category logo aspect ratio in setting description

Category Image Logo and Background Specifications

I’ve also just run into this - what is the aspect ration suggested for category logos in 2023? Can it be specified under (one of) the image placeholders?

I like how the dimensions and aspect ratio are indicated in the Branding settings:


That’s a great question and a good remark, Dan!

A wide image can mess up the category’s description, and images with different ratios will make things uneven:

Categories only:

Categories + featured topics:

Categories + topics:

Boxes with subcategories:

Boxes with featured topics:

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So all category images should have same dimensions (pretty obvious); are there any recommended dimensions? Square 350px?

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Hi Dan,

Sorry for the late reply.

There are no recommended dimensions, but I believe these pictures don’t use thumbnails even if they are displayed as small, so it’s best to avoid large/heavy images in any case.

To solve the problem with the correct display of images and their optimal loading, maybe it is worth adding the functionality of scaling, cropping and positioning category images to the roadmap?

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On a side topic, it was suggested for avatars:

Creating a common component (library) will be able to solve these problems)

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a width of 350px used to be my go to, it looks great on mobile devices. I’ve found the new sidebar makes 350px too wide on screens under 12.5 inches if you’re using box categories.

I’m now using 300px width, but its not perfect on either small screens or mobile. I’d also love if there was image size guidance and auto-align/resize.