Category setting: do not count post created

Hello guys, in my community there is a “presentation” category, and a lot of people say “hello”, and other messages.

So I have an idea:
Is there any chance to config the category section to no count posts by user?
I mean, count topic created, but no for replays.

I remember that phpbb, or others forums platforms had this option.
Why discourse not? :wink:

If you mean “having post activity in a specific category not count toward gaining trust levels” then–


Again here… sorry.

Well, that thread is not solved, that feature is possible?

AFAIK you can use a categories Edit -> Settings to turn off

Allow badges to be awarded in this category

That will mean that posts in the category don’t count towards getting any badge that uses posts as a basis for granting badges.

But it will not affect a members post count nor affect their Trust Level.

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With this…

Do you mean that in summary (/users/mittineague/summary) the part where shows “n” posts created still counts in that category where turn off “Allow badges to be awarded in this category” ?


On old forum boards, they needed this because post count was the most important thing a member could have. People were elitist with those counts and so.

On Discourse badges fill this role, so we enable disabling badges in off topic categories.


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